Live Shows

Rebellion Festival - Casbah Blackpool 09/08/2015 14:00pm
Shite Shags Biker Gathering Newcastle 26/09/2015 21:00pm
Shuttle Shuffle Festival @ Factory Street Studios Bradford 03/10/2015 20:30pm
Zombie Hut - Stevie Jones Album Launch with Guests Corby 24/10/2015 After 19:00pm
Halloween Special @ Trash  Bradford 31/10/2015 21:00pm
The Rigger with At Dawn We Attack Stoke 27/11/2015 20:00pm


'Your Day Will Come' Cover Art

Here it is - 'Your Day Will Come' our brand new single!

Listen and download for free, here:

Showcasing a darker territory for the band, the track was written and recorded over a 24 hour period and features a unique string arrangement by acclaimed German composer Henning Nugel, mastered by London based Belgian producer Wes Maebe @ GHQ Sonic Cuisine

Recorded, produced and mixed by Mik Davis and Monster Jaw 
Music and arrangement by Mik Davis
Words by Mik Davis

Please share and spread the word!

Abridged Magazine

Mik's poem 'Seattle' published in Abridged Magazine. If you would like to be sent this poem, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mik would like to thank poets Joolz Denby and James Morgan Nash for their continuous support and encouragement.

Joolz Denby - 

James Morgan Nash - 

The Basement Studio

A few people have asked us what our studio looks like. So here’s a picture of it - we recorded 'The Basement Sessions' EP entirely in this space.

In other news, we are planning a single release of a new song titled ‘Why?’for mid July. This track will be recorded the same way as the ‘Basement Sessions EP’, using ‘Igor’ our Tascam 688 midi-studio. The track will be free to download.

Recording is going to take up most of our summer so there will be minimal Festival appearances, except for Rebellion Festival in August. A few random club shows will pop up in Leeds, London, Newcastle and Tokyo, throughout July/August.

Finally, we would like to thank the following venues for their hospitality whilst touring the ‘Basement Sessions EP’: Rigger Rock VenueThe Soundhouse Leicester, The Boar’s Head, The Bierkeller, The Pomfret Arms, Carson’s Bar, The Cavern Club and 360 Club @ The Library.

We would also like to thank the following people for their continuos support of our music: Joolz Denby, Justin Sullvan, Pete Baldwin, Wes Maebe GHQ Ltd. - Sonic Cuisine, Tim Bevan and Modo.

Also, special thanks to The Simpletone and Stevie Jones and The WildfiresWildfire Sessions.

We are nearly out of physical copies of 'The Basement Sessions', with no re-run planned. If you don't have a CD, you can download 'The Basement Sessions' EP for free on Soundcloud, here:…/basement-sessions

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