Here it is - 'Your Day Will Come' our brand new single!

Listen and download for free, here:

Showcasing a darker territory for the band, the track was written and recorded over a 24 hour period and features a unique string arrangement by acclaimed German composer Henning Nugel, mastered by London based Belgian producer Wes Maebe @ GHQ Sonic Cuisine

Recorded, produced and mixed by Mik Davis and Monster Jaw 
Music and arrangement by Mik Davis
Words by Mik Davis

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Mik Published In Abridged Magazine

Mik's poem 'Seattle' published in Abridged Magazine. If you would like to be sent this poem, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mik would like to thank poets Joolz Denby and James Morgan Nash for their continuous support and encouragement.

Joolz Denby - 

James Morgan Nash -

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Monster Jaw News

A few people have asked us what our studio looks like. So here’s a picture of it - we recorded 'The Basement Sessions' EP entirely in this space.

In other news, we are planning a single release of a new song titled ‘Why?’for mid July. This track will be recorded the same way as the ‘Basement Sessions EP’, using ‘Igor’ our Tascam 688 midi-studio. The track will be free to download.

Recording is going to take up most of our summer so there will be minimal Festival appearances, except for Rebellion Festival in August. A few random club shows will pop up in Leeds, London, Newcastle and Tokyo, throughout July/August.

Finally, we would like to thank the following venues for their hospitality whilst touring the ‘Basement Sessions EP’: Rigger Rock VenueThe Soundhouse Leicester, The Boar’s Head, The Bierkeller, The Pomfret Arms, Carson’s Bar, The Cavern Club and 360 Club @ The Library.

We would also like to thank the following people for their continuos support of our music: Joolz Denby, Justin Sullvan, Pete Baldwin, Wes Maebe GHQ Ltd. - Sonic Cuisine, Tim Bevan and Modo.

Also, special thanks to The Simpletone and Stevie Jones and The WildfiresWildfire Sessions.

We are nearly out of physical copies of 'The Basement…

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Basement Sessions EP - Digital Download Out Now

The Basement Sessions EP

The Basement Sessions is Monster Jaw’s third EP release in a year, and first of 2015.

Following the success of June 2014’s debut ‘Get A Tattoo’ and closely followed by their second EP October’s  ‘Losing All My Friends’, The Basement Sessions is a unique project that was recorded in a basement over the course of a two month period using ‘Igor’ the Tascam 688 chrome tape home recording studio.

Faced with a zero budget to record this EP. Monster Jaw, resourcefully decided to self-produce and record this EP with the equipment they had to hand.


What you will hear is 100% unedited music, recorded onto tape with no additional overdubs. The vocals for quality purposes have been produced and recorded using a pre-Intel MAC and Logic 7. In short, Monster Jaw have attempted to capture the legendary idea of a live performance - a band playing in a pure meditational state focusing on nothing but the music itself. 

We simply ask that you listen to the whole EP from start to finish in a quiet atmosphere.


Download the Basement Sessions EP for free, here:


Basement Sessions EP

Track Listings:


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I love ‘Losing All My Friends’ and ‘Low’. Meaningful lyrics that are missing in a lot of songwriting. Connected melodies that are pushing the story closer to the listener. Honesty and balls that I remember feeling on first hearing Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground and also a band I worked with… RPLA.

Legendary Rolling Stones Producer - Chris Kimsey

‘Losing All My Friends’ bulges with a clutch of songs, managing to snarl whilst seduce the listener – Monster Jaw combine smouldering melodies with heavy and hungry intensity.

Ring Master Review

‘Losing All My Friends’ has a very laid back feel to it. Mik Davis’s vocals have a Placebo style about it, and it works - a lot of potential here.

Get Your Rock Out

Losing All My Friends EP- offers quite a raw, punky attitude, the vocals are hushed and low in tone, the bass line rumbles along creating a dark atmosphere while distorted riffs echo around the track. LAMF builds up punchy choruses, featuring  great rhythms from the drums and the vocal style that matches those drum beats.

Mixtape Couture

If ‘Losing All My Friends’ is anything to go by, I would expect Monster Jaw to be making…

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Click the purple link below, to download our tracks for FREE:

Monster Jaw - Free downloads on Soundcloud

Crazy luscious sounds!


Basement Sessions Project

Over the coming months we intend to record a mini album, using a vintage chrome tape recording device.

The Tascam 688 (pictured) - ours is known as Igor - is 25 years old and comes from a world where digital recording was still in its early stages and also, not easily affordable for every 'bedroom' artist in the world. We are lucky to have Igor and appreciate that fact. 

Our initial decision to do this recording came out of our dislike for the cost, sound and feel of modern digital recording. We are also not comfortable with current production methods and styles, where constant multiple edits and manipulation of sounds to conform to corporate audio standards are now considered the norm. We would like to create sounds that are human and authentic, rather than the marketing-friendly robotic products that now flood the music industry. 

We do not want to conform to anything or anyone that tells us how we are 'supposed' to make music. This is the start of a revolution. We feel liberated and excited by this project, and the creative possibilities it presents, as opposed to feeling oppressed by the sense of having to bow down…

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'Losing All My Friends' EP Out Now!

After the recent success of our debut record ‘Get A Tattoo'. We decided to work with London-based Belgian producer Wes Maebe (The Libertines, Paul Rogers, Roger Waters and Robert Plant) again on this second EP. The EP was written over the course of a year and recorded in 4 days at our basement studio in Bradford. 

A big thank you to all the people who helped make this record possible. This is Wes Maebe - for caring and taking us seriously, Tim Bevan, Nick Coquet and Ian @ Modo Design, Joolz Denby - for her artwork and encouragement, Nick @ Code7, Justin Sullivan from NMA - for being honest and helpful, our wives and girlfriends - for putting up with us, and last but not least legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey for this awesome quote: 

"I love Losing All My Friends and Low. Meaningful lyrics that are missing in a lot of song writing. Connected melodies that are pushing the story closer to the listener. Honesty and balls that I remember feeling on first hearing Lou Reed Velvet Underground and a band that I worked with ... RPLA." Legendary Rolling Stones Producer Chris Kimsey

Also, respect…

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