The Basement Sessions EP

The Basement Sessions is Monster Jaw’s third EP release in a year, and first of 2015.

Following the success of June 2014’s debut ‘Get A Tattoo’ and closely followed by their second EP October’s  ‘Losing All My Friends’, The Basement Sessions is a unique project that was recorded in a basement over the course of a two month period using ‘Igor’ the Tascam 688 chrome tape home recording studio.

Faced with a zero budget to record this EP. Monster Jaw, resourcefully decided to self-produce and record this EP with the equipment they had to hand.


What you will hear is 100% unedited music, recorded onto tape with no additional overdubs. The vocals for quality purposes have been produced and recorded using a pre-Intel MAC and Logic 7. In short, Monster Jaw have attempted to capture the legendary idea of a live performance - a band playing in a pure meditational state focusing on nothing but the music itself. 

We simply ask that you listen to the whole EP from start to finish in a quiet atmosphere.


Download the Basement Sessions EP for free, here:


Basement Sessions EP

Track Listings:



Feel It

Never Change


Written, recorded and produced by Mik Davis, Neil Short and John Bradford – Monster Jaw

Words by Mik Davis

Mixed and Mastered by Justin Sullivan – New Model Army

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